Building and Zoning

Garage being constructedPrior to beginning work on a building project, a permit and inspection card must be issued by the city. The inspection card must be posted at the construction site and be visible from the street for the duration of the project. The permit applicant (homeowner or contractor) is responsible for scheduling all required inspections, as well as a final inspection upon completion. The permit applicant is also responsible to correct any work that does not meet building code requirements.


The city contracts with MNSPECT to provide building inspection and plan review services for construction projects. 

For general information, code specifications, and permit submittal requirements for many common residential building projects, visit MNSPECT and view the Handouts page.

For general questions or to schedule inspections, contact MNSPECT at 952-442-7520 or email MNSPECT.

If you have a potential construction project near or involving the shoreline of the St. Croix River, please contact City Hall at 651-275-4404 or email the City Planning Department.