Neighborhood Speed Display

Neighborhood Speed DisplayThe Police Department has a portable Speed Display trailer which is used to measure and inform drivers of their vehicle speed. The Speed Display can be effective in reducing speeds and creating a safer environment for motorists and pedestrians. It also captures speed data (date, time and speed value) to aid public safety personnel in identifying problematic speed areas.

To request the Speed Display be located in your neighborhood, email the request form to Laura Eastman or contact 651-275-4404. Please keep in mind that placement of the Speed Display is at the discretion of the Police Department.

Typical Locations

In general, the Speed Display will be placed in areas that will not affect traffic flow or parking.  The following may also limit placement:

  • Narrow Streets
  • Parking Restrictions
  • Road Construction
  • Rush Hour Zones
  • Snow Emergencies
  • Street Sweeping
  • Weather Conditions

The Speed Display is typically placed in a location for up to one week, but may be removed at any time without notice.