Short Term Home Rental

The City of Bayport adopted Ordinance No. 874 to allow Short Term Home Rentals (STHR) where appropriate while mitigating impacts upon surrounding properties by implementing balanced regulations to protect the integrity of the city’s neighborhoods as well as protect the general public health, safety, and welfare. To administer those regulations, each property owner that wants to operate a Short Term Home Rental (STHR) must first apply for and receive a license.

STHR license application packet and zoning checklist

The initial license processing fee is $400 and valid for the calendar year. Renewal license fee is $200.

License Procedure Overview

1. Complete Zoning Checklist -

The owner downloads or contacts the City Administration Department by phone (651-275-4404) or email for an STHR license application packet and zoning checklist. Fill out the top portion of the form and return it and the appropriate fee to the Office Support Specialist.

2. City Reviews Zoning Checklist - 

City staff will review the zoning checklist and if satisfactory will forward it to Building Inspections and Fire Department staff. At the same time, staff will send an email notifying you that you can contact the Building Inspector (MNSPECT) to schedule an inspection of the home you want to license. Without the zoning checklist review, the inspection cannot be scheduled.

3. Schedule Inspection - 

The owner then contacts MNSPECT (952-442-7520) to schedule a home inspection. A list of items that will be inspected is included in the attached inspection report form.

4. Inspection - 

Fire Department staff and/or Building Department staff will inspect your property for safety items. If code compliant, they will sign off on the inspection report. If not, corrections must be made and a re-inspection scheduled.

5. Apply for License - 

After the inspection is approved, the owner may complete and submit the license application form to the City Administration Department.

6. City Reviews Application - 

The City will review the application and determine if all conditions are met.

7. City Issues License - 

The City issues the license if conditions are met. The license is valid for the calendar year. When the license application is approved, city staff will forward the license to the applicant and a copy to the City Finance Department for tax purposes.