I am renting, how do I update a utility billing account?

Utility bills for rental dwellings are the responsibility of the property owner. If the expectation of the lease or rental agreement is for the renter to pay the utility bill, it is the property owner’s responsibility to forward the utility bill to the renter for payment.

It is imperative that the property owner inform the city of any change in occupancy, in order to maintain up-to-date account information. In cases of emergency, or if a utility leak or repair needs to be addressed, the city may need to access the interior property. For this reason, contact information for the renter or occupant must be on record.

Property owners must contact City Hall at 651-275-4404 to request a final utility meter reading at least 5 days prior to new occupancy. Final meter readings are scheduled Monday through Friday. Following the final reading, a utility bill will be generated for all usage since the last billing cycle and any delinquent charges.

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